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Stay in a holiday home from Feriepartner and receive a discount to research life on the bottom of the North Sea; get up close to playful seals and witness the impressive sharks in Northern Europe's largest aquarium
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There is plenty of life crawling around on the bottom of the North Sea

Dive below the surface and discover an exciting, strange and spectacular universe of fish that are small and large, colourful and not so colourful, friendly and ferocious.

Plenty of exciting and educational adventures await at the North Sea Oceanarium.

Come along on a tour at the bottom of the North Sea, encounter species of fish you never knew existed, crawl around on the wreck of a trawler and catch crabs with your bare hands.

Seven destinations

Embark on an expedition in the large oceanarium to seven different destinations and arrive on land, at sea and at the deepest depths of the North Sea.

Each destination - each with its own aquarium - reflects the different life forms at the bottom of the vast ocean, and along the way you will encounter many special species: from sunfish to hake, seals to the thornback ray and from the grey shark to the sea devil.

Learn about life on board a fishing boat and crawl around inside the wreck of a trawler where you have to be ready to face the eerie depths of the sea, ferocious catfish and big conger eels.

Join us on a trip to the deepest part of the North Sea and experience the darkness and the crushing water pressure at 725 metre depths - conditions only prawns and lobsters thrive in.

The expedition also stops at the Oceanarium seal enclosure, where you can meet the curious, quick seals of Limfjord and watch their playful antics up close. It might be difficult to tear yourself away from watching these cute animals from the glass tunnel at the bottom of the tan.

Participate in feeding time

Watch up close when divers hand feed the many fish in the big tank which holds 4.5 million litres of water.

It's an amazing sight to see the fish curiously swarming around divers, and you can follow it all from the large window in the Oceanarium - or through the underwater camera the diver wears which gives you the finest quality close-ups.

Feeding time is when you meet the giant and quirky sunfish, schools of mackerel, the lightning quick herring and the sharks with their razor sharp teeth.

Herring for the seals

Seals have to be fed too and they will gladly do something extra to earn their meal - to the delight of the spectators, and in particular children.

Watch them twist and twirl in their outdoor pool when the trainers toss them herring while explaining to the audience about the seals' lives in the wild and also here at the North Sea Oceanarium.

You can also go crab hunting outdoors on the Crab Coast, but watch your fingers!

The Oceanarium stimulates all the senses

A visit to the North Sea Oceanarium offers much more than the fascinating insight into life in the sea. You will also learn in a fun, educational way and we think we can safely say you will go home knowing things you didn't know before

Do you know how fast a herring can swim and how you could be even faster yourself? Or are you stronger than a lobster?

In the touch pools you can pat a flounder on the back, feel a sea urchin's spikes or stroke a giant turbot. If you dare, that is.

How to get a discount

You will only get a discount if you rent a holiday home from one of the local Feriepartner agencies that offers discounts. You will find the list of agencies on this page.

When you pick up the keys for your holiday home, you will receive a voucher. Bring this voucher with you to Fårup Sommerland and show it to the personnel when you buy your tickets at the entrance. 

You will also receive the voucher together with your rental certificate.

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