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Get up close with the animals at the Aalborg Zoo

A delightful green oasis is hidden in the middle of Aalborg. You'll see a wealth of exciting, exotic animals, gorgeous surroundings and fun, educational activities that help you understand how animals actually live.

Aalborg Zoo has been in existence for more than 80 years. Here you will find everything from wild tigers to rare red pandas, not to mention the cutest goat kids.

There are several quiet recreation areas where you can relax and absorb your impressions of Aalborg Zoo, and where you can eat a packed lunch or sip a cup of piping hot coffee while enjoying the vibrant colours of the garden.

Animals from all over the world

With 140 different animal species, you can easily spend an entire day visiting this beautiful North Jutland zoo.

Wave to the curious orangutans, say hello to the playful chimpanzees and be impressed by the majestic polar bears.

Visit the only African elephants in Denmark that wander around the African village, where you can experience an authentic African setting featuring animals from the huge continent, as well as take part in exciting activities such as cooking food and dancing.

Or get up close with the affectionate goats, watch the long-necked giraffes and experience the rainforest atmosphere of the tropical house filled with parrots, iguanas and tapirs.

Predators' Compound

The newly-opened predators' compound offers an up-close, genuine encounter with the beautiful Sumatra tigers and Asiatic lions who have a gigantic area to roam around in.

The pedestrian bridge above the facility gives you a great view of the luxurious compound which resembles the natural surroundings the animals normally live in, where you can see tigers and lions in their natural habitats.

Walk below and above the earth's surface and see these amazing big cats from all three dimensions. View the tigers from a bird's eye perspective from the towers above the compound, look into the eyes of the lions from the underground tunnels or follow the twisting jungle trails around the compound and see the animals that live there.

It is also fascinating to watch the zookeepers preparing meat for the large animals and feeding them several times a week.

Stories and performances

At the Zoo Safari stage you can hear the zookeepers tell their many stories about the animals. They are usually joined on stage by horses, pigs and chickens that perform their own fantastic tricks.

And Safari Simon relates his jungle experiences while trying to keep control of Sonny the parrot and Pengo the Orangutan.

Want to find out more?

Visit Aalborg Zoo's homepage if you want to find out whether the Aalborg Zoo has the animals you want to see. You can also follow the lives of polar bears, tigers, lions and wild dogs via web cameras which broadcast live 24 hours a day.

Or download the app so you can easily keep track of the park, follow feeding times and stay updated on events every day.

How to get a discount

You will only get a discount if you rent a holiday home from one of the local Feriepartner agencies that offers discounts. You will find the list of agencies on this page.

When you pick up the keys for your holiday home, you will receive a voucher. Bring this voucher with you to Fårup Sommerland and show it to the personnel when you buy your tickets at the entrance. 

You will also receive the voucher together with your rental certificate.