In safe hands

At Feriepartner, you can rent wonderful holiday homes throughout Denmark - and you can do it safely. We are Denmark's largest chain of independent holiday home rental agencies, and we offer you excellent prices and top-notch security.

Local Feriepartner agencies

The local holiday home agencies have many years of experience in renting out holiday homes. Staff members are highly familiar with the available holiday homes in the area and can offer advice to help you find the holiday home that best suits your needs.

Feriepartner’s aim is that you receive:

  • Expert advice when choosing a holiday home
  • Excellent service, from the day you book your holiday until it is over
  • Prompt assistance when you need it

Security with Tryg

In cooperation with Tryg, Feriepartner offers you a Security Inclusive/Tryghed Inklusiv insurance package when you rent a holiday home. The insurance covers refunds on the rent if you are sick, injured or inadvertently become unemployed.

Security Inclusive also covers you if you have to interrupt your holiday or if you have seriously damaged something in the cottage.

Highest credit rating at Bisnode

Feriepartner has been given the highest credit rating, AAA Gold, for 10 consecutive years. This is a rating that only 0.15% of all Danish businesses have achieved.

A credit rating is a quantified assessment of a company’s creditworthiness, which is an expression of a company's ability to pay, and it is your assurance that you are dealing with a financially sound company.

The rating is given by Bisnode, one of Europe’s leading data and analytics companies.

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Security with Holiday Home Renters Industry Association

Feriepartner is a member of the Holiday Home Renters Industry Association. Renting a holiday home through an agency that complies with applicable laws and regulations is always a good idea for your own security.

Feriepartner is associated with the Danish Insurance Complaints Board which handles cases regarding legal disputes in Denmark.

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If you are dissatisfied with the rental of a holiday home

If you are dissatisfied with the rental of a holiday home with Feriepartner, you should first contact the Feriepartner agency where you rented the holiday home. In virtually all cases, we will find a solution that satisfies all the parties involved.

In those cases where a solution cannot be found, you can submit a complaint to the Danish Board of Appeal for Holiday Homes or to the EU complaints platform.