Private rental of holiday homes

Want to rent a private holiday home? Feriepartner Denmark brokers private holiday home rental directly between private owners and holiday makers.

Private holiday home renting

The holiday homes you can rent via Feriepartner are all owned by private holiday home owners. Feriepartner has done away with all the unnecessary elements. Therefore, we have some great prices for renting holiday homes in Denmark. So good that we have an on-line price guarantee. This means that you will not find your favourite holiday home cheaper elsewhere on the web.

Private renting through Feriepartner is therefore beneficial for both the holiday maker and home owner.

High quality

When you rent a private holiday home through Feriepartner, you know exactly what you get. All homes will be checked thoroughly after each rental, so you're always guaranteed high quality when you take over the holiday home.

Large selection

Feriepartner rents more than 8000 private homes which are scattered all over Denmark and located in some of the best vacation areas. Check out all our private holiday homes and book your dream home online today.