Feriepartner Denmark

Feriepartner is Denmark’s largest chain of local independent rental agencies. You find Feriepartner across the country – along the west coast of Jutland, by the Baltic Sea and on the islands. You find homes located in the best holiday destinations of Denmark – at the most beautiful beaches, close to the main sights and at the heart of the beautiful Danish scenery.

Holiday home vacations – it involves freedom in green and tranquil surroundings, close to the sea, beach and countryside. The ideal family vacation. Time to relax and space for the children – both indoors and outdoors.

Feriepartner Denmark is an intermediary rental agency between holiday home owners and European travellers. Feriepartner is organized locally, and does not operate a large, expensive headquarters location. Therefore, you get better treatment as a home owner and a cheaper rent as a renter of a holiday home compared to our competitors.

Feriepartner Denmark is part of EDC Gruppen A/S.