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World class flower gardens, amusement park and water park all in one

Jesperhus Holiday Park started life as a tiny motel with a garden on land outside of Nykøbing Mors.

Gradually the garden has grown into a floral park and with its 8 hectares it is now the largest of its kind in Northern Europe.

But Jesperhus is more than picturesque flowers. You are also treated to terrific rides, exotic animals, a water park and entertaining shows all designed to be child-friendly.

In other words, whether you're a nature lover or playful soul, a grown-up or a kid, an adventure awaits you.

The gardeners are busy all year round

The gardeners are busy all year round to ensure the park remains as beautiful and inviting as possible.

And it is a feast for the eye and balm for the soul to stroll around among the many colourful, fragrant and beautifully sculptured flower figures.

In spring, you can experience the breathtaking sight of 100,000 tulips in blossom and in July and August a half a million summer flowers and succulents dazzle in full bloom. Inspiration awaits every gardener with a green thumb.

An enchanting world

Make sure not to miss out on a tour of the rose garden where you will find more than 100 different varieties of rose. Immerse yourself in Hans Christian Andersen's enchanting universe in the adventure garden featuring flower characters from many of his most famous adventures.

The flower garden is also a delight outside of the summer season.

The park radiates with golden notes from the beautiful interplay of colours that characterise each season, and there is an almost melancholy glow over the beautiful flowers when they finally fade away.

Wearing a warm jacket, a stroll around the various areas is just as beautiful, inspiring and peaceful as it is in summer.

Close up with the animals

If you are still looking for more after viewing the flower garden, enjoy an adventure in the jungle where you'll see exotic animals roaming free on a 3,000 sq metre compound.

You'll encounter lemurs and iguanas at times doing nothing more than resting in the tropical heat and at other times running around playfully. Maybe you'll feel like playing too.

For children, the JungleZoo is a huge hit because they can feel, see, hear and smell the animals. Let them feel the tortoise's shell, listen to the babble of the colourful parrots and play with the lively monkeys.

Another highlight is when Martin the animal keeper needs help training the parrots as they sit in a long row cackling in front of the audience awaiting instructions.

Play, rides and splashes

Jesperhus Holiday Park offers plenty of opportunities for fun and games for the whole family. Get going in the indoor and outdoor playlands where the slides offer never-ending fun for kids and the carousels never stop twirling.

Unleash the kids on the huge trampolines and bouncy castles and take them to Pirate Land, where they can sail with pirates and hunt for gold.

If it is a hot, summer day, or even if you just like water, why not try out our water park?

The enormous orange octopus with arms like water slides stands waiting to send you head over heels down into the blue water. Or why not try sailing in a submarine, battling the waves in the wave pool and racing down the water slides?

Brave enough for more?

Is your family constantly hungry for more activities? Fortunately, there is even more fun to be had in child-friendly Jesperhus Holiday Park.

Become part of the movie in the 4D cinema when you never know when you're safe, as suddenly a storm will strike and your seat begins tilting while characters jump right out of the screen.

You can also try miniature golf and pony riding and visit Hugo and Rita Fox, the jungle animals, when they perform on stage. The youngest members of the family can participate in contests and sing along to songs.

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