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Action-packed family fun!

Close to the beach by Blokhus and Løkken and yet all the way in the forest you will find the amusement park Fårup Sommerland.

Fårup is one of Denmark's largest tourist attractions with plenty of wild, fun and crazy water activities for the whole family.

Everything from wild roller coasters and a children's theme park to Denmark's largest and wettest water world. There are more than 60 rides - and once the admission has been paid, all rides and the Aqua Park are free.

Speed, fun and happy times for adults and children

The forest offers experiences for the whole family. For example, the youngest can take a ride in “Den Røde Baron” (The Red Baron) where the little pilots control their aeroplanes themselves.

Another of the children’s favourites in Fårup is the “Egerntårnet” (Squirrel Tower) where you are elevated up to the tree tops and with a free-fall, you rush back to the ground.

For the older and speed crazy guests, there are fast and furious roller coasters with plenty of speed. As the only one in the Nordic region - the Hurricane roller coaster - runs both above and BELOW the water!

It is also possible to try Denmark’s wildest acceleration in the roller coaster “Lynet” (Lightening), which shoots off from 0 to 80 km/h in just two seconds.


Or how about a ride in “Falken” (Falcon), Denmark's fastest wooden roller coaster, or “Hvirvelvinden” (Whirlwind) where you are tossed up and down from a 19-metre height while rotating?

Fårup is much more than fun roller coasters.

You can also romp about on bouncy castles, numerous trampolines, horse riding, canoeing, shooting, climbing frames or try all the elements in the huge playground.

And, most of all, Fårup is all about happy times and real forest atmosphere!

News 2020 – Saven (The Saw)

Look forward to 2020! Here comes Fårup’s sharpest new addition yet!

A completely new family rollercoaster is being unveiled in Fårup Sommerland. Saven is the name of the upcoming rollercoaster, which will be the tallest rollercoaster in the park so far at 24 metres. 


Saven is the only rollercoaster in Denmark that runs both backwards and forwards. Despite its ferocity and the fact that it runs both forwards and backwards, Saven will be a joy for the whole family, as it can be ridden by speed-loving guests all the way down to a height of 95 cm.

Denmark's largest water world

You will also find Denmark’s largest heated Aquapark in the park where the entire family can romp in the wild waves in Bølgebassinet (The Wave Pool) which is heated to 27 degrees.

You can also whizz down in a race on Surfhill and ride together in a huge swim ring in Vandslangen (Water Snake). You could also try the "Vandkanon" (Water Canon), which is the world's first outdoor water roller coaster with a free fall and two loops.

When your time splashing about is over and your hair is dry, you can surprise your senses in the 4D cinema or laze in the shade of the trees and conjure up a great meal in the grill area where the Weber barbecues are ready for you - completely free of charge.

The whole family can find their favourite dishes - in our delicious buffet restaurant and in the many eateries in the park. If you prefer organic, you can try the 100% organic eatery, Skovens Pasta - Organic eatery.

Horse riding in nature

Fårup has 35 Icelandic horses that guests can both try inside the amusement park and join a lovely ride through the forest, nature and terrain surrounding Fårup.


We offer different rides suited for both experienced and inexperienced riders. For our youngest guests, there is an option to join a horse walking tour around the forest.

Fårup's Icelandic horses are calm, reliable and used to children, so we guarantee a fun experience regardless of experience level. All our trips feature experienced guides who know both the horses and the area around Fårup exceptionally well. 

International class experiences 

Fårup Sommerland was established in 1975 and celebrated its 40-year anniversary in 2015.

The amusement park receives approximately 600,000 guests annually.

Fårup Sommerland has an impressive guest satisfaction rate of 99 percent and has won a range of awards throughout the years, such as being declared one of the Top 3 European Amusement Parks four years in a row (Kirmes, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018), the World's 3rd Best Service (IAAPA, 2015) and the Best Nordic Summer Park at the end of 2018.


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