Activities by the water in Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande is an excellent starting point if you like water sports. There is a wealth of opportunities within a variety of wind and water sports
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Aqua Sports Zone: Wave sailing and super flat water spots

Hvide Sande and Ringkøbing Fjord have a truly unique offering of water sports and facilities. This is because you have the North Sea waves on one side of town and on the other side, you will find the flat water of the fjord. So you can surf, sail, paddle and wakeboard in basically all kinds of weather and at all different levels.

Internationally renowned beginner's area

For years, Ringkøbing Fjord has had an international reputation as an excellent area for beginners. Particularly for windsurfing. And the young surfers who visited Hvide Sande back in the 80s and 90s are returning today so their children can learn the art of mastering a board on the water.

Surf school, beach volleyball and laid-back enjoyment

Just south of Hvide Sande in Aargab, you will find West Wind Syd, where throughout the summer you can take beginner's lessons in windsurfing and paddle boarding. West Wind Syd also features an excellent surf store, a skateboard ramp and a beach volleyball court, which you can use free of charge when you are here.

Kitesurfing, windsurfing, water skiing and wakeboarding

At the north end of Hvide Sande you'll find Aqua Sports Zone, which juts out into the fjord. Aqua Sports Zone is the home of both Cable Park and West Wind Nord.

West Wind Nord is a well equipped surfing store where you can buy and rent wetsuits, boards and sails. And you can sign up for the surf and kite school during summer half year.

The Cable Park features waterskiing and wakeboarding for everyone - including beginners - and also offers kite surfing lessons for novices. You'll find a floating café at the Cable Park where you can enjoy a local beer or a hearty cup of coffee, while enjoying a front row seat to the cable track.

Free Wi-Fi is available.

Free introduction to water sports with Feriepartner Hvide Sande

If you have visited Hvide Sande before, you have definitely seen surfers, kitesurfers and wakeboarders on the water. And you must have had the urge to give it a try, but did not really do anything about it...

Feriepartner Hvide Sande, together with Cable Park, now offers you the chance to learn the skills you need to enjoy the water safely:

There is a two-hour orientation course for true novices who have always wanted to try their hand at water sports.

This is what you will get from the free introduction to water sports offered by Feriepartner and the Cable Park

You will meet the others on the team before the cable track is opened to the public and experienced instructors will help you learn the ropes on the water. You will be introduced to water skiing, and within two hours 6 out of 10 will be able to ski the entire course.

All the equipment you need is included, so all you need is a bathing suit (to wear under the wetsuit) and a towel.

Bring the family along

Children (from 8 and up) and adults can participate and ski on the same team.

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