Houseboats in Hvide Sande

Stay at Ringkøbing Fjord and be gently rocked to sleep - guaranteed to soothe the soul
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Spend a holiday on a houseboat in Hvide Sande

A holiday on a houseboat is pure luxury and a one-of-a-kind experience for the whole family. You can enjoy the gorgeous view of the water and the harbour atmosphere from all the rooms and terraces.

The houseboats are built on a kind of raft, or more correctly, a floating foundation. The houseboats are not motorised and are anchored to the quay.

A houseboat contains the same facilities as a modern holiday home. On a houseboat, you're part of the marine environment in and around the port, and if you're an angler, there is obviously no better opportunity to reach the water than to stay directly on top of it.

Houseboats in the Tyskerhavnen

Most of the houseboats in Hvide Sande are anchored in the Tyskerhavnen out to the Ringkøbing Fjord. Tyskerhavnen was originally built in 1912 when it was necessary to sail materials for the construction of the water locks next to Hvide Sande.

Today, the harbour is a focal point for fjord fishing and is a wonderful blend of a fishing harbour and marina. The harbour offers an abundance of charm, authenticity and quaintness. You can watch the local fishermen as they arrive with the day's catch from Ringkøbing Fjord and see them clean the fish next to their small dinghies. This is when the fishermen discuss world issues, while sipping a beer and admiring the view across the water.

You will notice the very unique-looking and charming shacks that circle the harbour. These are fishermen's shacks, and even though they are a relic of the past, some are still in use.

The centre of Hvide Sande is not far from the houseboats, and here you can find plenty of shopping, places to eat and the beach along the North Sea.

Houseboats in Mamrelund

In the charming little fjord harbour town of Mamrelund, close to the centre of Hvide Sande, Feriepartner Hvide Sande offers a cosy houseboat for rent.

Mamrelund is a small marina that reaches out to Ringkøbing Fjord where you can find peace and calm, while still close to the town centre and the many activities available in Hvide Sande.

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