Angling in Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande is a popular destination for anglers. You'll find a wide variety of fishing in the sea, fjords, rivers and lakes
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Angling in the sea, fjords, rivers and lakes

There are untold ways to catch fish - in the sea, the fjords, lakes or in one of the area's many Put and Take lakes. You can fish from the beach or from the sturdy piers that jut out into the North Sea. You'll find countless opportunities for catching flatfish, cod, herring or mackerel.

If fishing in the sea is a little tough, then try one of the Put and Take lakes, which is fun for the whole family. You can also try catching a whitefish on a hook in Ringkjøbing Fjord or a shiny trout or salmon in one of the many rivers in the vicinity.

Put and Take fishing