Herring Festival in Hvide Sande

Experience the highly popular Herring Festival - in Hvide Sande you will find some of the best herring fishing in Denmark
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Huge herring fishing contest in Hvide Sande

Every year, the highly popular herring fishing contest is held in Hvide Sande. In fact, it is also called the unofficial herring fishing world championship.

The Herring Festival takes place on the final weekend in April. The Herring Festival is popular, so you should book your holiday home in Hvide Sande well in advance to make sure you have a place to stay during the event.

You can find information about all the festivities at the Herring Festival homepage.

Herring fishing

If there is one thing that Hvide Sande is famous for, it is herring fishing. You will simply not find better herring fishing anywhere else. And if that is not enough; the fishing takes place twice a year.

Spring herring and autumn herring

Spring-spawning herring arrive at the water locks in Hvide Sande in late March or early April and remain into June.

In the autumn, fishing resumes in September. The fishing continues usually all the way until Christmas, when conditions are favourable enough. In the autumn, you catch autumn-spawning herring, a different species of herring than spring herring.

Autumn herring is larger and fatter and lends itself well for making Christmas herring.

Herring fishing from the locks

Spring fishing is primarily done from the water locks in Hvide Sande. Fish arrive here in huge schools, waiting to be able to travel through the locks. The locks have a platform for fishing. There is a wheelchair path on the north side of the locks. You can also fish at other spots in the harbour and also from the piers.

Rent a holiday home along the locks in Hvide Sande

You can rent one of the popular holiday homes next to the locks in Hvide Sande, known as “Locks cottages”. Located at the water's edge and offering a fantastic view of the water, these cottages are the perfect starting point for herring fishing from the locks. Most of these lock cottages are angler-friendly which means they have a large freezer and a place for cleaning fish.

Pier fishing

Fishing from the pier is a great way to fish and it's family friendly too. You are almost guaranteed to catch something from one of the massive piers in Hvide Sande.

From some of the piers, you can fish hundreds of metres out in the North Sea while others let you fish in the harbour area. What is common to the piers is that they are really good fishing spots, offering great chances to catch fine eating fish.

You can buy a fishing licence and find fishing gear and tackle at Kott Fritid Hvide Sande as well as Lystfiskeren in Hvide Sande.

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