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Summer and late summer is made for holiday home vacations

Warm barbecue evenings on the terrace of a holiday home
There's nothing like sitting on the terrace of your holiday home on a summer evening with a glass of rosé wine in your hand and the smell of dinner sizzling on the grill.

The vast majority of Feriepartner's holiday homes have barbecues as standard, and many also have excellent terraces with shelter to protect from sun and rain.

Spend late summer in a holiday home
Late summer is probably one of the most beautiful times to spend a holiday in a holiday home in Denmark.

There is a high probability of hot weather, and the newly harvested fields and the golden light give a genuine Danish summer atmosphere sensation.

Good water temperatures for swimming
Do you like going on holiday near the seaside? It can be an advantage to take a summer holiday later when bathing water temperatures are best in the summer.

Feriepartner's holiday homes with sea views are ideal for a late summer holiday by the water, and many of the houses are so close to the beach you only have to walk a few metres before you reach the water's edge.

Go for an evening stroll on the beach and watch the sun disappear into the horizon in a beautiful, red light.

Attractive prices for homes outside peak season
If you have the opportunity to plan your holiday outside of peak season, it is worth it. Feriepartner has many holiday homes for good prices when renting outside the most popular weeks.

Late August and early September are the perfect time to travel if you want a good deal.

Holiday home vacation all year round

Didn't find what you were looking for? A holiday home is the perfect setting for your holiday in Denmark, whatever the season. Get the overview here.