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Spend an autumn holiday in a holiday home

A trip to the beach adds colour to your cheeks

Experience the Black Sun while watching flocks of thousands of starlings find shelter for the night just before sunset at the Wadden Sea, or try a brisk walk along the North Sea. The autumn sun will warm your cheeks. Along the beach you may even find amber or other beautiful stones while the family dog ​​will love all the long walks.

The forest is colourful in its autumn attire
The trees in the forest take on the most amazing colours: gold, red and orange, and the children can gather chestnuts to roast in the fireplace in the evening. If you are brave enough, you can pick mushrooms that you can turn into a fabulous mushroom dish.

Or watch the animals as they gather food for the winter – because in your holiday home you'll be living out in the wilderness.

Relax in front of the fireplace
Autumn evenings in a holiday home are made for fun and relaxation. Sit with a good book and a hot cocoa or hot toddy while the fire crackles cosily in the fireplace, or the whole family gathers for a game of cards or Monopoly.

The wind whistles in the treetops, but it is cosy and warm in a holiday home.

Swimming holidays all year round
Why not try a holiday home with a pool during an autumn holiday? In a home with a pool, children are guaranteed many hours of fun, and the adults can relax while watching the children play. And remember: When you rent a holiday home out of season, you get a lot more for your money!

Things to do in a holiday home in the autumn