Tryghed Inklusiv - this is how you are covered by our travel and cancellation insurance

Dear guest,

We are currently experiencing a new, and highly unfamiliar situation. The Danish authorities have taken a number of steps designed to reduce the rate of spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, in Denmark, and we have all had to adapt accordingly.

Here at Feriepartner, we are following the situation in close cooperation with our insurance partner, Gouda, so we can constantly keep our current and future holiday home guests updated.

We understand that you may have many pressing questions in connection with COVID-19, holiday home rentals and insurance. Therefore we have collected a number of questions and answers and posted them further down on this page to provide you with the best possible assistance.

We also encourage you to regularly refer to the following:


Questions and answers:

Is it safe to spend a holiday home vacation in Denmark?

At Feriepartner, we leave this judgment to the Danish authorities. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the recommendations of the authorities and take the necessary precautions.

Read more on the Danish Health Authority's website

Can I cancel or change my holiday home vacation?

The applicable terms and conditions concerning cancellation and changes in bookings are also applicable at this time.

Please see section 7 in Feriepartner’s rental conditions

See section 1 in Gouda’s insurance conditions

What happens if I fall ill immediately before or during my stay?

You are covered in the same way as for a regular illness before and during your stay. The general terms and conditions of cancellation are also applicable in the current situation.

See section 1 of Gouda's insurance conditions

What should I do if I must be quarantined due to COVID-19 immediately before my stay?

In the event that you are quarantined and ill - and can prove this with a medical certificate - and thus cannot access the holiday home during the rental period, we provide compensation.

Read more in Gouda’s emergency preparedness notifications

See section 1 in Gouda’s insurance conditions