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You can find castles and manors that will make your dreams come true
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Castle holidays in the most beautiful castles and manors in Denmark

There is something magical about castles and country manors, and in Denmark, there are plenty to choose from.

For many years, the Danish Royal Family residences were reserved for kings and nobility, but today many castles and manors are available as rental accommodation so you can rent your own castle.

Renting castles and manors since 2008

Feriepartner Fyn has been renting out castles and country manors throughout most of Denmark since 2008 and the selection is large and varied.

You can rent everything from the ancient watermill at Broholm castle, a spacious stewardship accommodation at Schackenborg and Tranekær castles, to large fashionable castles and manors that live up to your wildest dreams of a fairytale castle stay.