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Feriepartner Sydøstjylland has 7 holiday homes for rent in Hejlsminde, which is situated midway between Haderslev and Kolding
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Hejlsminde seaside resort

The town was originally an old fishing village, but today it is a popular seaside resort.

In summer, Hejlsminde is filled with life and happy summer people sunbathing on the beach and enjoying their holidays in beautiful surroundings.

In Hejlsminde you can walk along the water, take in the atmosphere of the marina and enjoy a good meal at the town’s restaurant. Discover the cove, the birds, and the sea breezes along Hejlsminde’s nature trail. And enjoy the stunning view at Skamlingsbanken, the highest point on Southern Jutland.

The historic towns of Christiansfeld, Kolding and Haderslev are located close to Hejlsminde.

Tip: Take a trip to Kolding
In Kolding you can shop at the Kolding Shopping Mall (Kolding Storcenter), or take a swim at the Slotssøbadet recreation centre which offers an aquapark and first class sauna and fitness centre. The old castle at Koldinghus is a must-see. Today, the castle serves as an art museum and is located next to Slotssøen lake in the middle of Kolding.