Feriepartner Blåvand

Since Blåvand is one of the most attractive holiday resorts along the west coast of Jutland, with many lovely holiday homes and a great demand for them, holiday home experts have jumped at the chance to take advantage of the area. This allows Feriepartner, with its unique concept, to continue to be represented in the area.

Jan Brusgaard, who owns Feriepartner Thy and is co-owner of a number of other rental agencies in North Jutland, is one of the partners. The other partner is Morten Høst, who is the manager. Morten Høst was born and raised in Bork Harbour, where his family has been running Feriepartner Bork Havn for many years. In recent years, Morten has run the Feriepartner in Blokhus and later served as manager of Feriepartner in Tversted.

Morten moved, with his family, to the area in early 2017 where the plan is to also open an office in Blåvand itself. If you have a good holiday home you would like to place with Feriepartner now, you do not need to wait. Our colleagues at Feriepartner in Henne Beach can handle the practical side initially and have reached an agreement on local key delivery in Blåvand.

If you are interested in finding out more, don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat.

Morten Høst
Email: morten.hoest@feriepartner.dk
Mobile: +45 29 63 77 13

Jan Brusgaard
Email: jan.brusgaard@feriepartner.dk
Mobile: +45 20 30 31 35

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