We have put together answers on this page for the most frequently asked questions. You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about your holiday home holiday in Marielyst.
Together with the rental agreement, you have received a sheet with the inscription "Consumption note".
This piece of paper may contain important information about the holiday home, e.g. internet code or a special location of the grill on the property, but also contains information about what types of consumption are to be read in this particular holiday home, and where these meters are located.
The prices for the relevant consumption types are also stated on here.
Consumption is read on arrival and departure.

In many cottages, there is a washing machine, dryer and / or dishwasher. Should malfunctions occur, it cannot be guaranteed that the repair can be carried out on weekends or in the evenings. In connection with incorrect operation on the part of the tenant, Feriepartner Marielyst reserves the right to calculate the tenant for any repair. Please always read the operating instructions or call Feriepartner Marielyst if you are in doubt about the operation.

The bed sizes in the rental houses can vary greatly.
• The width of a double bed varies from approx. 120-180 cm, while the length varies from 175-200 cm.
• The width of single beds varies from 60-85 cm and the length from 175-200 cm.
A double bed can both be 1 large bed, but can also be 2 single beds that are pushed together. Often there is a gentle mattress on top for reasons of hygiene and appearance.
It is strictly forbidden to sleep in the beds without using bed-sheets.

At some holiday homes there are bicycles that can be used freely. Feriepartner Marielyst assumes no responsibility for standards and any defects of these bicycles. Bicycles must be handed in in the same condition as they are on arrival.

To rent bicycles, contact Marielyst tourist information by phone: (+45) 54 13 62 98 or see their website for more information: https://marielyst.dk/marielyst-turistinformation

Complaints regarding the cleaning of the holiday home must be notified immediately to Feriepartner Marielyst at the beginning of the rent either by phone 54 13 66 00 or by email: marielyst@feriepartner.dk
Other damages and complaints must also be reported to Feriepartner Marielyst as soon as these are discovered.
If the complaint cannot be resolved on the spot, we will try to get a technician as soon as possible.
Damages, defects and complaints do not necessarily lead to discounts or compensation. (p. §6. General terms and conditions).

During your holiday, there may be construction noise in the immediate surroundings. Feriepartner have no way of knowing when and where building or renovation is taking place, and therefore cannot be held responsible.

Driving directions to the holiday home can be generated on Google maps.

On departure, consumption meters are read as on arrival, and sent together with your bank information to marielyst@feriepartner.dk or handed in at our office, after which your deposit will be settled and returned to you, no later than 14 days after departure.
Check the information folder in the house regarding information about cleaning and departure from the house, and follow the instructions in it.
Key delivery in the key box or at our office no later than 09.30 - remember to lock the key box after you!

All cottages are privately owned and are decorated according to the owner's own tastes and needs.
Holiday partner Marielyst can therefore not take responsibility for the tenant's individual expectations.
Unless otherwise stated, all cottages are equipped with toilet, cold and hot water, shower, stove, coffee maker, kettle, vacuum cleaner and a mop. The beds have duvets, pillows and a pillow top mattress. There are cutlery and kitchen utensils for a minimum of the number of people allowed in the house.
For your holiday you must bring the following things yourself: bed linen, towels, tea towel, cloths, tablecloth and toiletries. Detergents are not always available in the house. Tenants are therefore asked to bring their own cleaning products.


The deposit is refunded no later than 14 days after your departure, if we have received consumption readings + bank information by email, and that the house has been left in proper condition and there have been no damages or problems during your stay.
The consumption will be deducted from your deposit. Should your deposit not be large enough to cover consumption costs, you will subsequently receive an invoice.
Should the meter readings not be noted, Feriepartner Marielyst estimates a consumption.

All distances on Feriepartner.dk are measured on the internet via Google maps and are stated in the air.
Distance to beach, shopping, etc. is prepared to the best of its ability in bird flight and can therefore be longer when you have to walk or drive there from the holiday home.

Allow yourself relaxation on the last day of the holiday and leave the cleaning to Feriepartner Marielyst.
You can order the final cleaning together with the house or directly at the agency, but no later than three days before departure.
See the information folder in the house regarding final cleaning and departure from the house.

Fishing licenses for coastal fishing can be purchased at www.fisketegn.dk
See e.g. https://www.marielystfiskesoe.dk/ for info or contact Marielyst Tourist Information regarding further information about fishing on Lolland-Falster. Tel: (+45) 54 13 62 98

Firewood for wood stove or fireplace is not included in the rental price.
If there is firewood by the holiday home, it is the owner's private property and may only be used / purchased if permission has been given for this. Firewood can be purchased at the local grocery store, supermarkets or at gas stations.
Read the information folder for more information on using the stove in the house.

At the holiday home there is either a waste container or a waste rack. The emptying interval may vary from area to area. You can therefore not expect an empty container / bag on arrival.
Read more about emptying the refuse bin at the cottage, in the information folder in the house.
Glass bottles and cans must not be thrown in the waste container by the house, but must be handed in in the glass containers or bottle vending machines that are located around the holiday home area.

Cleaning the grill is NOT included in the purchased final cleaning of the house, and this must therefore always be cleaned after your own use.

We would like to point out that no more people may live in the house than the number stated in the house description on our website. It is also not allowed to set up tents, caravans or motorhomes on the cottage grounds.

In all holiday homes, garden furniture is available, i.e. Garden table and chairs.
Parasols, sun loungers and cushions do not fall into this category and thus cannot be expected to be available in the house. On the house page, on feriepartner.dk, you can see under facilities exactly what things the specific house offers.
If there is a parasol in the rental house that you rent, you are responsible for any damage to it during your stay. Many parasols break if left unfolded in windy weather or at night, so it is always a good idea to fold the parasol and place it on the terrace or in a shed when not in use, that way it will not break in the wind.

The hygiene of a hot tub is very important. Feriepartner Marielyst therefore makes sure that the hot tub is thoroughly cleaned at every change of tenant to fight bacteria. If the whirlpool is used, follow the instructions in the house and in the information folder.
If you have used the whirlpool during your stay, please leave the water in the whirlpool after the last use, as this way we can avoid a lot of water waste.

When booking a Feriepartner Denmark holiday home, a non-risk sickness cancellation insurance is automatically included, which is taken out with: Gouda Rejseforsikring A / S. Insurance conditions can be found on FD's website www.feriepartner.dk and can be sent on request.

In the holiday home there is a house folder with answers to the most frequently asked questions and problems that could arise during your stay.
Should the answer still not be in this folder, we are always ready at our local office to help you.

Forgotten items can be picked up at our office or sent to your home address.


In our house descriptions, you may come across the word “natural plot”, on some of our rental houses. By natural plot is meant a heather area, tall grass, uneven ground, wild-growing heath or the like.
A natural plot is left completely to nature, and is therefore not beaten or held down with a lawn mower or grass trimmer. It is not allowed to park a caravan or pitch a tent on the plot.

A linen package can be ordered from Feriepartner Marielyst and contains: Bed linen (1 piece sheet for single bed + duvet and pillow cover), 1 small and 1 large towel and 1 tea towel.
Pre-ordered linen packages are brought to the cottage by our staff and must be left in a pile in the house upon departure. If linen packages are not ordered before the start of the rental period, but only after your arrival, Feriepartner will charge a delivery fee to bring them out.

The 1st instalment is a prepayment of 25% of the overall rental price. The balance and the deposit must be paid must be paid no later than 70 days immediately. Together with the rental agreement, all guest receive bank details, including IBAN number and SWIFT code for transferring the stated amount. All guest can pay by credit card on the Feriepartner website.
If the full rental amount is not paid on time, FD can cancel the rental agreement without notice and the tenant will lose the paid rental amount, just as the tenant is still liable for payment of the remaining rent.

In several of Feriepartner Marielyst’s holiday homes, pets are welcome, but first read the house description before you book a house. Your dog may move freely, but only on the grounds of the cottage.
If dogs are brought to one of our rental houses, it is the guest's own responsibility to ensure that dog hair from sofas, rugs and other furniture is vacuumed and removed completely before departure, as this is not part of a purchased final cleaning. Dog leftovers in the garden must also be removed before departure.

In the period from 1 October to 31 March, the cottage will be preheated so that on your arrival there are approx. 15 ° C hot.
In swimming pool houses, the pool always has a temperature of approx. 27 ° C and this cannot be changed.
By departure of the house during the winter months, remember to turn off all the heat in the house. Should you have left the underfloor heating or an electric radiator on, in the house, you are responsible for the consumption of this until Feriepartner comes out in the house and turns it off.

In all Feriepartner Marielyst's holiday homes, smoking is NOT allowed in the house.
You are welcome to smoke outside, but please remove cigarette butts before you travel, otherwise you will be charged an amount for this.
If you smoke in a non-smoking house, a renter will be charged a fee for any extra cleaning.

Cots and highchairs can be rented through Feriepartner Marielyst. This can be done directly via your booking login or by contacting us by email: marielyst@feriepartner.dk
All holiday homes have different TV solutions, and it is therefore a good idea to look through the house's facilities on Feriepartner.dk before booking a holiday home. Here you can see if the house has cable TV, satellite dish or maybe just a TV screen with a Chromecast connected.
Pay attention to whether the rented house has TV channels as a facility or only has a Chromecast or similar connected to the TV screen, where the guest can connect their own phone or computer to the screen.

Age limit of at least 25 years for groups from / on 3 people and up.

If you need any more information, Feriepartner are always happy to help.