Holiday homes at Lodbjerg Hede

Feriepartner Hvide Sande has 16 holiday homes for rent at Lodbjerg Hede, which can be found slightly withdrawn from the North Sea
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Withdrawn from the North Sea at Lodbjerg Hede

Lodbjerg Hede can be found somewhat withdrawn from the North Sea, north-east of Søndervig. Most of the holiday homes are located in an area surrounded by trees and vegetation. So you can enjoy your holiday in peace and quiet and immerse yourself in the stillness that is so unique to the area.

Nine km east, you'll find the friendly shopping town of Ringkøbing, which is definitely worth a visit. And 3 km away is Røjklit Havn, which is situated down towards Nissum Fjord. The harbour is an ideal excursion destination if you want to experience the wonderful natural beauty of the fjords and have the good fortune of seeing the great flocks of birds migrating down the coast every year.

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