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Fun and adventures for the whole family in Hvide Sande!

Beach Bowl Søndervig

Get a Key2Activity access - and enjoy a holiday home vacation with a a little ekstra, for the entire family.
Now you can preorder Key2Activity when you book your holiday home from Feriepartner Hvide Sande. For DKK 199 you get unlimited access to free bowling, minigolf, tennis, paddle tennis and lots more fun and excitement from the Beach Bowl activity centre in Søndervig for a whole week.

Key2Activity gives you access to bowling lanes, the large fitness centre on the 1st floor, the 18 hole Adventure minigolf course, outdoor tennis courts, paddle tennis courts and also to the internet cafe with free use of games.
To activate your Key2Activity access, bring your house key with a chip and your order confirmation from Feriepartner Hvide Sande when you arrive at Beach Bowl.

You can find information about opening hours or reserving times for your free activities at Beach Bowl at


Naturkraft in Ringkøbing

Naturkraft is a theme park where the fascinating forces of nature are on full display. The vision of Naturkraft is - based on the the natural surroundings in West Jutland - to trigger fascination in the forces of nature and provide inspiration for more sustainable development, which provides a fun and educational adventure about nature for the entire family.

Get ready for a fantastic adventure in nature, both outdoors and indoors. Naturkraft is the place where you get a chance to observe, explore and understand the forces of nature through games that educate through challenges, expeditions, nature adventures and much more.
See more on their website

You save 15% on admission tickets which you can buy at the entrance or by ordering online:


WOW-PARK in Skjern and Billund

Invite your family to a genuinely wild amusement park in the forest at WOW PARK Skjern and Billund.

WOW PARK is an imaginative adventure park built on nature’s terms offering plenty of fun and exploration activities for the whole family.
None of the rides or activities are powered by electricity or petrol; instead, you will find an inspiring natural universe where play activities have been built around the trees and in connection with nature.

Experience everything from treetop playhouses, suspension bridges, slides and cable cars to underground caves and labyrinths, construction playgrounds and creative workshops, lakes with lots of wildlife, pet goats and much much more. Relax and unwind in the forest cafe or at one of the many available barbeque spots and campfires.

WOW PARK forms the perfect setting for the whole family and you are guaranteed a full day of wild adventure and activities in natural suuroundings. Find out more at

When you book at Feriepartner, you’ll get 25% off on your admission ticket. You’ll find more information in your rental confirmation when you book your holiday home.


Stauning Whisky

Stauning Whisky is a Nordic distillery in beautiful Scandinavian architecture, that produces world-class whisky right here in Denmark.
Visit Stauning Whisky and discover their whiskey production process from start to finish, and then afterwards have the opportunity to enjoy  a tasting of the final product. Absolutely a unique experience for all the senses, that lets you see, feel, smell and taste this unique spirit.

With Feriepartner Hvide Sande, you receive a 10% discount on a guided two-hour tour that includes:

  • History of Stauning Whisky
  • Tour of the production facility - from malting to distilling
  • Learn about the importance of storing in casks for taste
  • Tasting of 3 different whiskys

See more at their website


Fiskeriets Hus (House of Fishing)

Want to pet a crab, see a living starfish or hop aboard the sea ship Thomas from the 1850s? Then make sure to pay a visit to the Fiskeriets Hus in Hvide Sande.

In Fiskeriets Hus you can find both a saltwater and a freshwater aquarium designed to resemble the sea bed, with hiding places for the fish in sandy bottoms, behind rocks or among ship wreckages. When you visit the aquarium, see if you can spot our ballan wrasse hiding, that naturally lives in the wrecks at the bottom of the North Sea.

In addition to the aquariums Fiskeriets Hus serves as a contemporary museum for the area, the fishing port and Hvide Sande. Fiskeriets Hus tells the story of the origins of Hvide Sandes and the growth of fishing. Pay a visit to Fiskeriets Hus and experience a fun and educational day for the whole family.

Admission is free for children under the age of 12 accompanied by a paying adult after showing Feriepartners’ holiday home keys at the entrance. For more information go to